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Name : Véronique Henschen

Birthday : April 08th, 1988
Performance class : 2D
Club : Cercle Equestre du Luxembourg (C.E.L.)


1993 : at the age of 5 years Véronique takes her first riding lessons at the riding school of Anne Müller

1998 : at the age of 10 years Véronique's dream comes true : she receives her 1st Poney : Penucha, a Welsh Poney. Height : 1,33 meter. In the riding club C.E.L. in Reckenthal, Luxembourg, under constant training with Sandra Neuman, Véronique is making progress in dressage. The first results and first places are done in E and A competitions.

: Véronique at the age of 11 years participates at her 1st Luxembourg Championship in dressage Poneys and makes the 3rd place.

2000 : Véronique is named by the Luxemburg Riding Federation F.L.S.E. in the Youngsters team. The actual national trainer Michael Fassbender invites the parents to acquire a qualified poney. Casper the 13 year old Welsh poney, the Champ, is joining the family. With this poney Véronique really acquires riding experience in L competitions and makes the 3rd place in Luxembourg Championship Dressage Poney.

2001 : European Championship Dressage Poney in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) : 11th place
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Poney : 2nd place
Other tournaments : Le Touquet (France) 4th place in B final, Beek (Holland) : 5th place in final

2002 : European Championship Dressage Poney in Hagen (Germany) : 9th place in B final
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Poney : 1st place O
Other tournaments : Bilzen : 4th place in final,  Bad Ems (Germany) : 2nd place in final

2003 : European Championship Dressage Poney in Northireland : 8th place in final 
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Junior : 2nd place
Other tournaments : Saumur (France) 6th place in final, Freudenberg (Germany) : 10th place in B final, Beek : 2nd place in final

2004 : European Championship Dressage Jazkowo, Poland : 8th place in final
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Senior : 3rd place
Other tournaments . Saumur : 5th place in final; CHIO Limburg : 5th place in final


2005 : European Championship Dressage in Barzago (Italy) : 6th place in final with her horse Wyoming 
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Senior : 4th place 
Other tournaments : Saumur : 8th place in final

2006 : European Championship Dressage in Stadl Paura (Austria) : 4th place in final with her horse Fontalero
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Senior : 2nd place
Other tournaments : CDIJYR Roosendaal : 10th place in final, CDIJYR Saumur : 3rd place in final, CDIJYR Le Touquet : 1st place in final, CDI*** Hansbeke : 5th place in Inermediaire I, CDI*** Saumur : 3rd place in RLM Inter I


2007 : European Championship Dressage in Nussloch (Germany) : 8th place in final
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Senior : 1st place
Other tournaments : CDI***Herentals : 17th place in Intermédiaire I, CDI***Saumur : 18th place in Intermédiaire I.
At the age of 19 years, Véronique, also receiving her Bacalaureat  Diploma,  makes 10 first places, 5 second places and 3 places in final.

2008 :  European Championship in Dressage Azeitao-Lisboa (Portugal) : 18th place . 2 little points missing for the final.
Luxembourg Championship Dressage Senior : 1st place.
Other tournaments : CDIYR Roosendaal : 9th place in final, CDIYR Saumur: 1st place in final, CDI****Wiesbaden : 5th place in Inter I, CDIYR Weert (Belgium) 3rd place in final, CDIYR Le Touquet : 3rd place in final
December 2008 : FEI World Cup Young Riders in Francfort (Germany) : Véronique is qualified 4th rider amoung the 13 World Young Riders at a percentage of 71,908. Result : 4th in B final.

2009 : in March 2009 Véronique, at the age of 21 years, receives the Equestrian Gold Medal for her 10 first places in S competitions.
European Championship in Dressage Ermelo (Holland): 11th place in final
Other tournemants: CDIYR Moorsele; 3 place in final CDIYR Bonn; 2 place in final; CDI*** Strassen 1st place INTER I: Linslerhof : 1st place INTER I RLM


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